As a benefit customer, you can take advantage of certain benefits when you enter into an agreement with some of foodora's partners below. All agreements are made between you and the respective partner. For information on contractual terms, we refer to the respective partner's website.

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As a partner of foodora, you are offered together with Ludvig & Co
services in accounting, payroll, business advice & law for you who run a large or small business, in a sole proprietorship, trading company or limited liability company and are connected to foodora.

With the help of Ludvig & Co's experts, you can feel safe and do what you like - focus on running your restaurant business.

The fact that we currently have approximately 1,000 restaurants as customers means that we have understanding and knowledge of your industry. We help with finances and give advice to help you develop your business.

How do I take part in the offer?

Click the button below to register your interest and Ludvig & CO will contact you shortly.