As a benefit customer, you can take advantage of certain benefits when you enter into an agreement with some of foodora's partners below. All agreements are made between you and the respective partner. For information on contractual terms, we refer to the respective partner's website.

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As a partner to foodora, you are offered together with Söderberg & Partners
affordable insurance for you and your employees!
Foodora collaborates with Söderberg & Partners, which is the largest in the Nordics
insurance brokerage firm. Through the collaboration, you are offered an insurance review there
you get help mapping your and your family's insurance needs, improving your protection i
event of an injury and reduce your insurance costs through a guaranteed
premiere discount.

What do you get if you take out private insurance with Söderberg & Partners?

Annual advice - You get help with mapping needs and comparing yours
insurance coverage
Terms guarantee - In addition to the new insurance terms, we also match your previous ones
insurance terms for 2 years should there be any differences 
Price guarantee* - We can lower your existing insurance premium by at least 10% regardless
which insurance company you have today.

Kind regards, Söderberg & Partners Privatförsäkringar or by phone on 010-682 03 00.

The offer is completely unconditional and Söderberg & Partners will
contact you to suggest a time for an insurance review. If you as a partner want to get in touch with Söderberg & Partners, just contact them by email or phone above

*Applies depending on risk appetite and underwriting guidelines.